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Garmin G1000 Harness Fabrication

Garmin G1000 Harness Fabrication

AMI Aviation Services, LLC (AMI) recently fabricated a King Air C90A Garmin G1000 wiring harness for an authorized G1000 installation facility.  To assist other authorized G1000 installation facilities, who find it economical to outsource harnesses fabrication, AMI requested and has received authorization from Garmin to PMA G1000 harnesses.  These harnesses will be fabricated in full compliance with the Garmin STC with all wires laser marked.  All parts listed in the Garmin harness fabrication drawing bill of materials are included.  These prefabricated harnesses will enable shorter downtimes and allow approved facilities to utilize their manpower more efficiently and input aircraft on short notice with the only external scheduling factor being equipment availability from Garmin.
AMI has PMA authorization to fabricate harnesses for both the C-90A/C90GT and 200/B200 series of King Airs.  AMI fabricates harnesses in a controlled environment and guarantees that the harness is 100% accurate to the STC drawings, thus enabling almost “plug and play” capability. 
If you are planning a G1000 installation in a C-90 or 200 series King Air, or plan to install the G1000 solution in any other aircraft in the near future, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
AMI looks forward to serving your harness fabrication needs.
Please contact:
John Aunapu
Director of Operations

G1000 Harness Press ReleaseView Full Press Release

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