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Garmin G950 Retrofit Kit for 1900D

Upgrade and Modernize Your Beech 1900D Flight Deck and Avionics with the Garmin G950 by AMI Aviation Services

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Beech 1900D Garmin G950 Upgrade by AMI Aviation

AMI Aviation Services is now offering the revolutionary new Garmin G950 System Integrated Avionics and Flight Deck Retrofit for the Beech 1900D.  The G950 will bring the latest Garmin avionics technology and enhanced capabilities to your existing Beech 1900D.  Borrowing heavily from Garmin’s renowned G1000® glass flight deck, the G950 is a seamlessly integrated package that makes flight information easier to scan and process.  The result is a fully integrated flight deck and avionics solution that can take advantage of the latest navigation, approach, weather, and communications technologies available with adaptability to new technology as it emerges. 

In partnership with Garmin and SEARCA, AMI Aviation Services, LLC, an AeroMech company, developed the G950 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and quick installation PMA parts kit to provide an upgrade solution for the Beech 1900D, an aircraft model with legacy avionics containing parts and LRUs which are increasingly in short supply or no longer available.  For Beech 1900D airline, shuttle, and executive owners who have been waiting for an affordable and fully integrated, all-glass avionics solution to bring a completely new level of situational awareness, reliability, expandability, and safety to the cockpit, the wait is finally over with AMI Aviation’s Garmin G950 retrofit.

The G950 retrofit package replaces most existing avionics equipment and wiring and takes less than 3 weeks to install.  The new equipment significantly reduces the empty weight of the aircraft by approximately 250 pounds and comes with a full 2-year equipment warranty on the Garmin parts.  Options such as Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), ChartView™, and XM Weather and Radio are available now.

Reserve Your Installation Position TODAY!

AMI Aviation Services at the Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) is currently accepting installation positions for the Garmin G950/Beech 1900D upgrade.  AMI participated in the STC design and certification activities, modified the prototype aircraft, and will manufacture all G950 retrofit PMA kits.  No one knows this modification better.  For more information, pricing details, or to reserve an installation position, please click here and either call the number shown or email a request for more information.  We are ready to discuss with you the candidate aircraft, or fleet of aircraft, and develop a customized proposed solution for your requirements.

Garmin G950 System Overview

Bringing true "glass cockpit" capabilities to your 1900D aircraft, the Garmin G950 System Upgrade by AMI Aviation is a game changer.  Now, you can upgrade your avionics panel with the Garmin G950 suite and start reaping the benefits of enhanced situational awareness, safety, reliability, lower operating costs, and optimal pilot awareness and efficiency in your aircraft or fleet. 

The standard three-(3) display G950 setup is fully integrated and interfaced with your existing flight director, with two large XGA color 10-inch Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) on each side and a central XGA color 15-inch Multi-Function Display (MFD) used for engine monitoring, detailed moving map, chart data, navaids, flight plan routings, and more.  The map display allows pilots to display selective overlays such as graphical weather, traffic, terrain, lightning, and other system advisories in order to have a customized map view at any phase of the flight.  The flight crew’s PFDs display attitude, airspeed, altitude, rate of climb, and horizontal course/heading information was well as flight director command bar cues.  The result is a modern, clean and seamless integrated flight deck display that will extend the operational life of the aircraft well into the future.

Key G950 Standard Features

  • Three-Screen Garmin G950 System:
    • Dual, 10.4" Primary Flight Displays
    • 5" Multi-Function Display with moving map and Engine Indicating System
  • Dual integrated radio modules providing WAAS-certified GPS with LPV, VHF Nav with ILS, and VHF comm with 25kHz or 8.33 kHz spacing
  • Super reliable dual solid-state Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • Dual Digital Air Data Computers
  • Dual Audio Panels with Intercom
  • Dual Flight Director display
  • FMS Controller with Alpha/Numeric Keypad
  • Integrated Class-A TAWS with worldwide terrain and U.S. obstacles database
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS I) with dual, quad-pole antennas 
  • ADS-B "Out" Compliant, Dual Extended Squitter Mode S Transponders that meet current EASA elementary and enhanced surveillance requirements.
  • Traffic Information Service (TIS) alerts
  • Solid-State 4-color Doppler Weather Radar with 12" Antenna, Automatic Tilt Compensation, and Pulse Compression Technology
  • Garmin SafeTaxi® Airport Diagrams - View your position on taxiways with a built-in database of U.S. or European airport diagrams.
  • Interface to existing ADF 462, DME 42 and ALT55B radar altimeter
  • Modular Rack-Mounted LRUs in nose compartment.  All new shelves and wiring.  Easy access to oxygen bottles.
  • Customer Designed Checklist Capability
  • FliteCharts®, an electronic version of U.S. AeroNav services, lets you quickly find and view all Departure Procedures (DP), Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs), AOPA U.S. airport directory data (or optional AC-U-KWIK international airport directory data), approach charts and airport diagrams on the MFD.

G950 Options

  • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) – See clearly even in IFR conditions.  Using sophisticated graphics modeling, the system recreates a 3-D "virtual reality" database landscape on the pilot and copilot PFDs enabling you to clearly visualize nearby flight and enroute navigation features — even in solid IFR or nighttime VFR conditions.
  • ChartView™ - Geo referenced charting for safer arrivals and departures.  Powered by Jeppesen’s JeppView™ subscription service — lets you overlay your aircraft’s position on the electronic approach chart to provide a visual crosscheck.
  • XM Weather & XM Radio Receiver for in-cockpit weather and music (North America Coverage and Availability)
  • Radar Altimeter (available 3rd quarter, 2014)
  • TCAS II including Resolution Advisories, Dual High-Power Extended Squitter Transponders, Dual Diversity Antennas (available 3rd quarter, 2014)
  • Iridium Satellite Receiver for in-cockpit (Global) Weather, Voice, and Text Messaging to any compatible phone or email address Worldwide (available 3rd quarter, 2014)


With dual VOR/Localizer/Glideslope receivers and dual TSO-c146a WAAS-GPS receivers, you have more options when it comes to flying and landing your 1900D.  Thanks to WAAS — the FAA’s Wide Area Augmentation System — thousands of previously fair-weather-only airports now have the potential to offer GPS-guided “glidepath” approaches down to ILS-comparable minimums.  And the G950-equipped 1900D comes ready to fly WAAS with full Class 3 approach capability.

Situational Awareness

The 1900D G950 MFD seamlessly integrates built-in terrain, obstacles and navigation databases, providing a clear, concise picture of where you are and where you’re heading.  An additional Jeppesen® database supports onscreen navigation, communication and mapping functions.  Using information from the terrain and US obstacles databases, G950 displays color coding to graphically alert you when proximity conflicts loom ahead.  Your G950 also comes with Class-A TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) for an extra margin of safety in the air.  SafeTaxi®, a built-in database of US or European airport diagrams, helps monitor your location on unfamiliar airports.  And preloaded FliteCharts® provide electronic versions of AeroNav terminal procedures and approach plates for more than 2,900 US airports.

Traffic, Weather and More

With the GTX 33ES transponder with extended squitter capability, the G950 provides ADS-B out capabilities that meet current EASA elementary and enhanced surveillance requirements.  When coupled with the GTS 855, the system also displays Traffic Information Services (TIS) alerts and provides ADS-B in capabilities for comprehensive active traffic monitoring.

For the best in autonomous weather analysis, the G950 system is equipped with Garmin’s GWX 70™ digital color radar.  At 6.5 kilowatts, it packs the power to penetrate serious weather.  With an optional subscription to XM WX Satellite Weather™ and the addition of the GDL 69A data link receiver, you’ll have access to high resolution weather for the U.S., right in the cockpit.  The GDL 69 provides NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, lightning, winds and more that can be overlaid directly onto the moving map display.  For global weather information, available in the 3rd quarter 2014, an optional GSR 56 can connect you to the Iridium satellite network, which also provides voice and text messaging connectivity, as well as position reporting. 

Finally, there is an affordable fully-integrated all glass upgrade for the Beech 1900D!

For More Information & Pricing

To hear more about the G950 System solution for your aging B1900D cockpit and avionics, contact:
Paul Vermast – Vice President Sales
+1 407.585.6136 |


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